Internet Marketing

Marketing is as an important as any other process when launching a website. After all, if your target audience can't find your website, what is the point in investing in one in the first place? From Social Media to PPC Advertising there are many ways to market your website and business to different target audiences. We have the expertise to utilise these tools and drive traffic and conversions to your website and increase your company’s visibility on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is essential for any new website or even existing websites looking to improve on their current traffic flow. A website that ranks well in major search engines for their main keywords will convert and create considerably more business than one that isn't optimising their existing content. We work closely with our clients to identify which markets to target and develop a strategy that will work for them.

Social Media

Having an active presence on social media networks can be as, or even more important than ranking well in search engines. The largest of these; Facebook, has over 500 million active users. Using fresh, interesting content is always important and social networks are a great way to interact in a non-formal environment, create awareness and trust in your services or products.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get noticed on the major search engines and social networks without having to do any of the leg work. Although not organic, ppc advertising like Google Adwords can give you an edge in appearing above your main competitors in the search engine rankings. We are capable of making your Adwords campaign a real success!

Email Marketing

With the integration of a newsletter or email subscription form you can start collecting email addresses of prospects or customers. Unlike some other forms of advertising email marketing in this way, only targets people that have an interest in what you're offering, otherwise they wouldn't of signed up. Therefore email marketing has a very low cost to conversion ratio.